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What is a "Personal" Walk?

"...developing a relationship with Christ

so that you can fully believe in Him, love Him

and thereby want to do right by Him."

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"Living a life pleasing to Christ

is doing what it is we are called to do,

our purpose, His vision for our existence."


A Personal Walk

A Personal Walk is a book about creating a personal relationship with Christ. The book is about the journey of a man who was born in a middle-class home with all the trappings of success, graduated from the Naval Academy, traveled the world as a Naval Officer and was seemingly successful in his own right, yet a man who was spiritually lost.

Through the use of 10 biblical principles this man found a personal relationship with Christ and was subsequently healed, overcame divorce, alcoholism, loss of career, and an ego that often got in his way. If you want to enhance your relationship with Christ, make it A Personal Walk!

A Personal Walk provides tools to enhance your Christian walk on a daily basis.

The book has deepened my fire…

Dr. Hines,

I just finished your book A Personal Walk and let me say that I found the 10 very practical steps to be uplifting and powerful.  As a brother in Christ and a firm believer in the fact that Gods wants a personal relationship with us through his Son in the form Of the Holy Spirit.

I took to heart your story of searching,trials and ultimately your redemption through Christ to be one I can closely relate.The book has deepened my fire to be closer to my heavenly father and to walk more in step with the living.

Brian Shea